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Pooki is now for Sale ;(



Pooki is one lovely adorable cat , i bought him when he was just 3 months old. Today pooki is 1 year old and my mom will kill me or him soon ;S Yeah my mom is firstly allergic to cats and she refused having him in home but since i brought him and convinced her that he’s one adorable one and so on she agreed at first. However, now she seems like she will kill him very soon and I want to save him as soon as possible ;( So am giving him away for sale , If u are interested or you know anyone who is please contact me


Fitness center search !



couple months back I joined Pineapple fitness center for 2 months. My goal was to lose 5 kilos or less and keep my fitness and wellness. well to be honest i wasn’t doing much beside working out but i was going to the gym at least 4 times a week ! and I played not less than 1 hr every day yet I didn’t lose much weight !! ;@

Now my goal is still the same, the damn 5 kilos i need to lose before Feb 2012 !! and I need to join a gym and so the journey started ..

my friends and I were looking around for a decent fitness club and of course we would love it to be pocket friendly as well..

Discovered that that options are not very wide and we stuck to almost 3 pr 4 max !

So if you have any idea where to join a decent place beside the popular ones like curves, champions, flex and pilates and more please be a dear and help me find a good place to get my fitness back ! am in a need ;(

Am Back .. !!

Yes Yes Yes I know I have said that a long time ago and I really hope this time i really mean it ! I was just so block minded by a lot that is going on ,, from graduating to hunting jobs and so on ..

but I think its time to be back 😉 I miss my blog , i miss my fellow bloggers i miss my readers and

everything 😉

My New Habba : Hair Treatment by Nail it Saloon ;)

So Unemployment is all about trying whats out there ! And my new habba is trying the hair treatment by the famous Nailit Saloon.

Now I know we all know Nail it for their great pedi meni but have u ever tried any of their other services ? Well about two weeks ago while

I was there with a friend I decided to try their hair treatment, I tried the Aloe Vera treatment which was GREAT ! with the egg n honey

mask !!! Ahhhh I loved it and I literally brought my friends and went there like twice ;p and next week I already booked for the hot oil

treatment ! am sure it is as good as the Aloe vera 😉 and ahhh there is much more on the menu to try like the smoothie n the Caviar !

I love their hair treatment, the employees are friendly and their coffee with crumbs pops r just the best !

All I wish for is a bigger space ! which I heard they r soon gonna open their new place, i hope that is gonna b near with good parking 😉

for more about them visit their website here :

Wisdom teeth SUCK !


I have been suffering from this pain of the wisdom teeth for more than a week now ;s 5laaa9 jad wedi ashela bs mayta mn il 5oof ;s

I remember all the awful stories I heard about it especially my sis ! she went through hell ;s fa 7addi 5ayfa ashela bs the Dent says I should ;s now I have two option either i go for full anesthesia and do all 4 together or I go for local and two times ;s ! 9ara7a the first option sound better for me bs a bit risky especially in public hospitals and when I went to a private recommended Dent he asked for 550 KD !! I was like WTTTHHHHH china wayd ;s its a minor surgery why 550 ? my sis did her eye laser madre shisma ib 500 ! ;/

ahhhhh I really donna wht to do ;( and for now until am figuring it out am living with a cataphlam ( pain killer ) in my pocket ! ;(

RIP Steve Jobs ;(

Yesterday the whole world has lost a great man and a great mind Steve Jobs the Founder of Apple Company.

ra7mat alah 3aleeh maskeen I loved him when he used to announce the new products of Apple and I get very excited to see him using it

with google also condolences shared on their website


Ams Steve Jobs and couple days ago they announced Mohannad the Turkish actor also been killed I donna who’s next ?? Chuck Bass !!! ;s

Post Grad Life ;)

Ok I know it been a very long time since I last post anything here but I really was in this kind of a post graduation phase. let me tell u all abt it ;p

First we start hunting jobs of course and that is taking long n with no result. I have done some exams n interview but no response yet from any so I guess I will b still waiting ;s

To be honest it’s not that bad living with nothing to do ;p i mean am in a different saloon or spa or at friends house every now and then ;D which is great and I can travel when ever I want but now with all the exams for jobs hunting i can’t ;s el mohim a7s inh ok it is nice yet sometimes it bites me back ! I love it bcoz i get to do things i wasn’t able to do when i was in collage like finishing all paper work i need to finish in the morning or any doctors appts or dental care. However, am not very big fan of it bcoz I really need to feel am doing something useful in my life ! other than watching tv shows out of my external or finishing a novel after another, i want more in my life and i want more for my future that i dnt wanna waste time just like that.

things on my list to do before i start working :

1- get rid of the 4 wisdom teeth !!!!!!

2- travel

3- read as much as I can from books n novels that was waiting for me to b off college books n start staring at another type of books

4- I think at this point of my life i need to adjust my closet style a little bit 😉

5- try every hair treatment or skin treatment available in the world for a better beauty results ;D

6- get rid of the 5 kilos i gained lately ;/ thats a thing i donna how can i do it ;s eeeeekhhhhh !


hmmm why else ? that it i guess for now and for last i wanna add that i really need to get bk to my blog ! I MISS IT so much bs I keep on staring at the empty screen running out of ideas to write any post ;s i will try my best to do much posting about my unemployed life 😉