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Taking a break or shutting down ? Thats the question

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I know it been a very long while since i was away from my blog, and I know I posted many times that am coming bk and be as active

as I used to be but to be honest there is something holding me back ! 9ara7a i donna wht is it bs every time i start to think to write

anything i change my mind or i just got myself into any other thing. So, I have decided to Announce the following;

Am not gonna be posting anything for awhile until I decided wether I want to shut my blog down and quit or just give it a break

9ara7a i haven’t decided yet, But also I was thinking more of another thing, ” Guest writing” !! I would like to be a guest writer in one

of the blogs am still following and reading for sure, so if anyone is interested Please contact me 😉

As for now I want to thank all my readers and silents ones too for their time and their support 😉 It was such a nice experience

am not gonna say Good bye cuz I’d rather say , c ya 😉


My Cambridge Satchel bag is Finally HERE ! ;D

Finaaaaaaally got my Cambridge Satchel Bag , especially Customized by my name’s Letter ” F B ” 😉

I was so happy when i got my order 😉 and its so simple, yes i know some of u want to order it through some local internet website and

am not against that of course am just against the very greedy price they put ! i know some r selling it now for 120 KD ! when I got mine

from the official site for 47 kd only !!!!!! and yes u can do that too ! ooh no add more 4 kd for the shipment of Aramex fees which will b a

a total of almost 51 kd ! less than 50% of the price they are selling it here ! GREEDY Ppl ! ;@

any way just see this is the official site and this is how I ordered mine ;D

the website link is create account and order your bag now !

you can also customize it just like mine and add ur letters with a simple amount of fees 😉 Enjoy online shopping its much easier n cheaper 😉

Think Different .. Think Positive ! ;)



انت هديه من الاله انت عطا ربٍ كريم … جيت للحياة تعطي مثل ما انت اخذت 😉

Those little words has always draw a smile on my face and gave me hope !

Yes I have gone through a lot but all am trying to do is keep my positive thinking and never get the bad dark thought to destroy my life !

to be honest its not just me, we r in a phase, my friends n I, are going though a tough patch ! each of us is going through something

one thing we share and have in common is the great friendship 😉 Blv me without my friends n their support I wouldn’t b here today

writing this 😉 I have a group of friends who are giving me the world ! with them jad ansa hami kila 😉 3assalah la ya7remni mnhom ;*

this is song is now dedicated to my friends, in order to keep thinking positive 😉 a7bkom ya klab ! ;*

2̶0̶1̶1̶ ….. 2012 Please Be Better ❤



2011 was the year that changed the world, especially the arab region 😉 It was the year of revolutions and freedom 😉 the year of justice and humanity, it was simply the beginning of new era. Personally, 2011 did not started well, however in the middle of the year, turned to be one of the best years 😉 I graduated from University and many things in my life has changed 😉 Its the year I bought my first and only pet Pooki ( He’s a cat btw )



Next biggest thing happened to me in 2011, when my sis told me she’s pregnant !! OMG am gonna b an auntie ;D Oh thats one dream i had a long time agooooooooo !! so i can’t wait for May 2012 when I can meet my Niece/Nephew 😉 Oh dear thats gonna b one great year inshallah ;D

So tell me how was ur 2011 ? Better than 2010 ? and what’s your goals for 2012 ? 😉 Share n care

Pooki is now for Sale ;(



Pooki is one lovely adorable cat , i bought him when he was just 3 months old. Today pooki is 1 year old and my mom will kill me or him soon ;S Yeah my mom is firstly allergic to cats and she refused having him in home but since i brought him and convinced her that he’s one adorable one and so on she agreed at first. However, now she seems like she will kill him very soon and I want to save him as soon as possible ;( So am giving him away for sale , If u are interested or you know anyone who is please contact me

Am Back .. !!

Yes Yes Yes I know I have said that a long time ago and I really hope this time i really mean it ! I was just so block minded by a lot that is going on ,, from graduating to hunting jobs and so on ..

but I think its time to be back 😉 I miss my blog , i miss my fellow bloggers i miss my readers and

everything 😉

Wisdom teeth SUCK !


I have been suffering from this pain of the wisdom teeth for more than a week now ;s 5laaa9 jad wedi ashela bs mayta mn il 5oof ;s

I remember all the awful stories I heard about it especially my sis ! she went through hell ;s fa 7addi 5ayfa ashela bs the Dent says I should ;s now I have two option either i go for full anesthesia and do all 4 together or I go for local and two times ;s ! 9ara7a the first option sound better for me bs a bit risky especially in public hospitals and when I went to a private recommended Dent he asked for 550 KD !! I was like WTTTHHHHH china wayd ;s its a minor surgery why 550 ? my sis did her eye laser madre shisma ib 500 ! ;/

ahhhhh I really donna wht to do ;( and for now until am figuring it out am living with a cataphlam ( pain killer ) in my pocket ! ;(