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My Cambridge Satchel bag is Finally HERE ! ;D

Finaaaaaaally got my Cambridge Satchel Bag , especially Customized by my name’s Letter ” F B ” 😉

I was so happy when i got my order 😉 and its so simple, yes i know some of u want to order it through some local internet website and

am not against that of course am just against the very greedy price they put ! i know some r selling it now for 120 KD ! when I got mine

from the official site for 47 kd only !!!!!! and yes u can do that too ! ooh no add more 4 kd for the shipment of Aramex fees which will b a

a total of almost 51 kd ! less than 50% of the price they are selling it here ! GREEDY Ppl ! ;@

any way just see this is the official site and this is how I ordered mine ;D

the website link is create account and order your bag now !

you can also customize it just like mine and add ur letters with a simple amount of fees 😉 Enjoy online shopping its much easier n cheaper 😉


Sale’s Season Fav Picks ;)

TODS Shoes Price tag : €189.00

Merchesa Gown Price tag : £2,417.18

Ynes Saint Laurent Dress Price tag : £962.49

Stella McCartney Ipad Sleeve Price tag : Now £126.87

2̶0̶1̶1̶ ….. 2012 Please Be Better ❤



2011 was the year that changed the world, especially the arab region 😉 It was the year of revolutions and freedom 😉 the year of justice and humanity, it was simply the beginning of new era. Personally, 2011 did not started well, however in the middle of the year, turned to be one of the best years 😉 I graduated from University and many things in my life has changed 😉 Its the year I bought my first and only pet Pooki ( He’s a cat btw )



Next biggest thing happened to me in 2011, when my sis told me she’s pregnant !! OMG am gonna b an auntie ;D Oh thats one dream i had a long time agooooooooo !! so i can’t wait for May 2012 when I can meet my Niece/Nephew 😉 Oh dear thats gonna b one great year inshallah ;D

So tell me how was ur 2011 ? Better than 2010 ? and what’s your goals for 2012 ? 😉 Share n care

Fitness center search !



couple months back I joined Pineapple fitness center for 2 months. My goal was to lose 5 kilos or less and keep my fitness and wellness. well to be honest i wasn’t doing much beside working out but i was going to the gym at least 4 times a week ! and I played not less than 1 hr every day yet I didn’t lose much weight !! ;@

Now my goal is still the same, the damn 5 kilos i need to lose before Feb 2012 !! and I need to join a gym and so the journey started ..

my friends and I were looking around for a decent fitness club and of course we would love it to be pocket friendly as well..

Discovered that that options are not very wide and we stuck to almost 3 pr 4 max !

So if you have any idea where to join a decent place beside the popular ones like curves, champions, flex and pilates and more please be a dear and help me find a good place to get my fitness back ! am in a need ;(

My New Habba : Hair Treatment by Nail it Saloon ;)

So Unemployment is all about trying whats out there ! And my new habba is trying the hair treatment by the famous Nailit Saloon.

Now I know we all know Nail it for their great pedi meni but have u ever tried any of their other services ? Well about two weeks ago while

I was there with a friend I decided to try their hair treatment, I tried the Aloe Vera treatment which was GREAT ! with the egg n honey

mask !!! Ahhhh I loved it and I literally brought my friends and went there like twice ;p and next week I already booked for the hot oil

treatment ! am sure it is as good as the Aloe vera 😉 and ahhh there is much more on the menu to try like the smoothie n the Caviar !

I love their hair treatment, the employees are friendly and their coffee with crumbs pops r just the best !

All I wish for is a bigger space ! which I heard they r soon gonna open their new place, i hope that is gonna b near with good parking 😉

for more about them visit their website here :

RIP Steve Jobs ;(

Yesterday the whole world has lost a great man and a great mind Steve Jobs the Founder of Apple Company.

ra7mat alah 3aleeh maskeen I loved him when he used to announce the new products of Apple and I get very excited to see him using it

with google also condolences shared on their website


Ams Steve Jobs and couple days ago they announced Mohannad the Turkish actor also been killed I donna who’s next ?? Chuck Bass !!! ;s

Wada3an Ramadhan ;)



Ramadhan is Almost over w 3la golat oboy ” Fragaaaaaaaaaa 3eed ” ! No no dnt get it wrong he means frag irmudhan 3eed la2ina after Ramadhan eyi el 3eed 😉 So what’s ur Plans for 3eed ?

For me I guess I will be visiting Family n Rest at home with lots of movies 😉 I like it this way, quite 😉

Ooh one more things, Lemmi share my Fav Tv ads for this occasion 😉




w 3eedkom imbarak moqadaman 😉