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Taking a break or shutting down ? Thats the question

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I know it been a very long while since i was away from my blog, and I know I posted many times that am coming bk and be as active

as I used to be but to be honest there is something holding me back ! 9ara7a i donna wht is it bs every time i start to think to write

anything i change my mind or i just got myself into any other thing. So, I have decided to Announce the following;

Am not gonna be posting anything for awhile until I decided wether I want to shut my blog down and quit or just give it a break

9ara7a i haven’t decided yet, But also I was thinking more of another thing, ” Guest writing” !! I would like to be a guest writer in one

of the blogs am still following and reading for sure, so if anyone is interested Please contact me 😉

As for now I want to thank all my readers and silents ones too for their time and their support 😉 It was such a nice experience

am not gonna say Good bye cuz I’d rather say , c ya 😉


Think Different .. Think Positive ! ;)



انت هديه من الاله انت عطا ربٍ كريم … جيت للحياة تعطي مثل ما انت اخذت 😉

Those little words has always draw a smile on my face and gave me hope !

Yes I have gone through a lot but all am trying to do is keep my positive thinking and never get the bad dark thought to destroy my life !

to be honest its not just me, we r in a phase, my friends n I, are going though a tough patch ! each of us is going through something

one thing we share and have in common is the great friendship 😉 Blv me without my friends n their support I wouldn’t b here today

writing this 😉 I have a group of friends who are giving me the world ! with them jad ansa hami kila 😉 3assalah la ya7remni mnhom ;*

this is song is now dedicated to my friends, in order to keep thinking positive 😉 a7bkom ya klab ! ;*

2̶0̶1̶1̶ ….. 2012 Please Be Better ❤



2011 was the year that changed the world, especially the arab region 😉 It was the year of revolutions and freedom 😉 the year of justice and humanity, it was simply the beginning of new era. Personally, 2011 did not started well, however in the middle of the year, turned to be one of the best years 😉 I graduated from University and many things in my life has changed 😉 Its the year I bought my first and only pet Pooki ( He’s a cat btw )



Next biggest thing happened to me in 2011, when my sis told me she’s pregnant !! OMG am gonna b an auntie ;D Oh thats one dream i had a long time agooooooooo !! so i can’t wait for May 2012 when I can meet my Niece/Nephew 😉 Oh dear thats gonna b one great year inshallah ;D

So tell me how was ur 2011 ? Better than 2010 ? and what’s your goals for 2012 ? 😉 Share n care

Am Back .. !!

Yes Yes Yes I know I have said that a long time ago and I really hope this time i really mean it ! I was just so block minded by a lot that is going on ,, from graduating to hunting jobs and so on ..

but I think its time to be back 😉 I miss my blog , i miss my fellow bloggers i miss my readers and

everything 😉

RIP Steve Jobs ;(

Yesterday the whole world has lost a great man and a great mind Steve Jobs the Founder of Apple Company.

ra7mat alah 3aleeh maskeen I loved him when he used to announce the new products of Apple and I get very excited to see him using it

with google also condolences shared on their website


Ams Steve Jobs and couple days ago they announced Mohannad the Turkish actor also been killed I donna who’s next ?? Chuck Bass !!! ;s

Post Grad Life ;)

Ok I know it been a very long time since I last post anything here but I really was in this kind of a post graduation phase. let me tell u all abt it ;p

First we start hunting jobs of course and that is taking long n with no result. I have done some exams n interview but no response yet from any so I guess I will b still waiting ;s

To be honest it’s not that bad living with nothing to do ;p i mean am in a different saloon or spa or at friends house every now and then ;D which is great and I can travel when ever I want but now with all the exams for jobs hunting i can’t ;s el mohim a7s inh ok it is nice yet sometimes it bites me back ! I love it bcoz i get to do things i wasn’t able to do when i was in collage like finishing all paper work i need to finish in the morning or any doctors appts or dental care. However, am not very big fan of it bcoz I really need to feel am doing something useful in my life ! other than watching tv shows out of my external or finishing a novel after another, i want more in my life and i want more for my future that i dnt wanna waste time just like that.

things on my list to do before i start working :

1- get rid of the 4 wisdom teeth !!!!!!

2- travel

3- read as much as I can from books n novels that was waiting for me to b off college books n start staring at another type of books

4- I think at this point of my life i need to adjust my closet style a little bit 😉

5- try every hair treatment or skin treatment available in the world for a better beauty results ;D

6- get rid of the 5 kilos i gained lately ;/ thats a thing i donna how can i do it ;s eeeeekhhhhh !


hmmm why else ? that it i guess for now and for last i wanna add that i really need to get bk to my blog ! I MISS IT so much bs I keep on staring at the empty screen running out of ideas to write any post ;s i will try my best to do much posting about my unemployed life 😉

Kuwaiti Young Entrepreneurs; The Good n the Bad !

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My mom n I were looking around the exhibitions of Beet Diva and Sidra n so on. Despite all the fake love bracelets, Hermes and Chanel, there was actually some decent and considerable out fits and Accessories. To be honest, I never bought anything for myself from such places but I dont mind buying something from Kuwaiti Designer or An Entrepreneur, in fact I love some of them like Local tees. However, the thing about such a Designers that there is this thin line between what looks decent and what’s not.

Yesterday, I was mainly looking for dara3a for me n some dresses for 7ijab for mama. We had our first stop at Beet Diva, particularly at Pearla Mode. Pearla Mode is one young Kuwaiti Designer for dresses n outfits. Her clothing line is almost the same, not very much of a variety though there was some decent  pieces. The thing that caught my attention is using the strass Swarovski in writing her Design name or Brand name on her clothing line, now am not against that but i was against where to locate it. She had to put this brand name of hers on every piece and locate it exactly on the chest side where is it so obvious. Let say for my mom’s age i dont think wearing such a thing would be appropriate. The thing that surprised me more is her reaction when I asked her if there is any piece that would have the brand name on edge of the dress or of the edge or the sleeve, she was like ” 7abebti hatha my brand name ana abeeeeh hni !! ” wooow ;p Niice one u just lost a customer 😉 then I was like ” Zain wht if I want it to be else where ? ” and she replied again ” may9er ana abi bil 9adr !! ” lool ok Mrs. Cavalli or Madam Chanel am sorry to insult your brand bs am not gonna wear anything that says Pearla on my chest ! Plus I suggest some good marketing course or HOW TO DEAL WITH YOUR CUSTOMER course to help you with your business 😉  !

AlJazi is also one of the young Kuwaiti Dara3a Designer, Her shop is located the Exhibition right next to beet Diva, I honestly forgot the name of the house but its the last one of the line. I went there, Saw her n I guess her friend helping customers with a smile on her face 😉 I looked around through her collection which to be honest contained some good pieces, and then I was looking at one specifically. She came to me asked me if I would love to see the other colors of this dara3a, showed me wht she has and then I asked her if I can change a little of the design or add anything I want, Unlike Pearla Mode, Aljazi was very understanding to the customers need and accepted to adjust anything I want to adjust in the Piece I want. Then my mom asked her if she can give her some advise about some pieces and she was thankful for sharing our opinions with her 😉 Now I didnt buy from her but I would defiantly go back again to check out her new collection. She was lovely and took good care of her customers, didnt bite me when I wanted to change or suggest nor did she brag about her ” TRADE MARK” !

Tips to all Young Kuwaiti Entrepreneurs, We want to support you so bad and we love to buy Kuwaiti product, actually we are proud of you but please before you enter the market have some marketing and how to deal with a customer courses bcoz some of you are just loosing many, and your family or your friends may not count as a real customer bcoz you dont treat them the way you treat your non-relative ones 😉 !