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New good friend is here ;)

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my Very good Friend R is now on the blogging world and I would like to give her a very warming welcome ;*

She’s one of the best and am sure she will be posting good material, So please give her a vista and let her feel home ;* as u all did to me

one day 😉



Think Different .. Think Positive ! ;)



انت هديه من الاله انت عطا ربٍ كريم … جيت للحياة تعطي مثل ما انت اخذت 😉

Those little words has always draw a smile on my face and gave me hope !

Yes I have gone through a lot but all am trying to do is keep my positive thinking and never get the bad dark thought to destroy my life !

to be honest its not just me, we r in a phase, my friends n I, are going though a tough patch ! each of us is going through something

one thing we share and have in common is the great friendship 😉 Blv me without my friends n their support I wouldn’t b here today

writing this 😉 I have a group of friends who are giving me the world ! with them jad ansa hami kila 😉 3assalah la ya7remni mnhom ;*

this is song is now dedicated to my friends, in order to keep thinking positive 😉 a7bkom ya klab ! ;*

My New Habba : Hair Treatment by Nail it Saloon ;)

So Unemployment is all about trying whats out there ! And my new habba is trying the hair treatment by the famous Nailit Saloon.

Now I know we all know Nail it for their great pedi meni but have u ever tried any of their other services ? Well about two weeks ago while

I was there with a friend I decided to try their hair treatment, I tried the Aloe Vera treatment which was GREAT ! with the egg n honey

mask !!! Ahhhh I loved it and I literally brought my friends and went there like twice ;p and next week I already booked for the hot oil

treatment ! am sure it is as good as the Aloe vera 😉 and ahhh there is much more on the menu to try like the smoothie n the Caviar !

I love their hair treatment, the employees are friendly and their coffee with crumbs pops r just the best !

All I wish for is a bigger space ! which I heard they r soon gonna open their new place, i hope that is gonna b near with good parking 😉

for more about them visit their website here :

Movie Review : Kong Fu Panda 2 (2011)

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Ahhhhh I Loved it waaaaaaaaaaaayd ;*** I saw Kong Fu Panda 1 and it was amazing but this is just soo cute ;**

I went yesterday with my besti Z to 360 Imax theater 😉 It was so lovely and the movie was so cute ;D a7ibaaaaaaaa il panda ythaaaaa7ik and the tiger is really pretty ;p I just love going to kids movie where the cinema is full of kids n they comments on the movie loudly and very innocently cute ! Oooh and u get to see them after they r out n all of them are trying to do some Kong Fu moves around each other very excited kids 😉 Childhood is sweet sharing it is even sweeter 😉

In The memory of him ;)

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Today was full of his memories, ooh wht am i saying like any day would not have any ?, But today was different, Today I meet one of his oldest friends. I remember His name really well, I saw couple of pictures for him n his wife in my parents wedding album and I still recall how daddy used to admire n love this friend very much. When The Uni emailed us, saying that he as an Author will be giving a Seminar on my camp, I directly marked my Calendar to attend. Today he was sitting, talking about all the effect of Iraqi invasion on Authors n writers some artist as well, He sound like him, same mentality same openness to the world n same love for this country. I know now why there were room-mates and friends, I can relate alot of wht daddy had with this great man 😉

The Seminar finished and I went to him, and I told him who I was, I am his Daughter 😉 He looked at me with Sadness n Sorrow in his eyes n asked me one question : ” eli sim3ta 9a7e7 ? ” I replied : ” Yes 3mi ,, ”  Then He called his wife who was present and Told her ” Shofay mno hni ,, bnta .. ” She gave me a look I would never forget 😉 As if she was seeing him in my eyes, in my heart n soul. She hugged me and asked me alot about him, mom n all of us, then i saw tears in her eyes n she could not stand it. I stood there in silence, could not hold my tears as well, but tried to be stronger. I told her how much daddy used to talk about them 😉 How much memories they shared. He came bk to us and asked her then ” Haa tishbah mno ? omha wila oboha ? ” she replied ” wallah kilha mn oboha .. tishbah oboha ,, w 3mat-ha b3d el 9’3era .. ”

And I could not feel more prouder than I did today, Now daddy I have u everywhere, in My heart, In my soul , even in my appearance 😉 I love U and I wish I can be half wht u were 😉

When I told mom the story she Answered me with ” Dayman ygolon eli y5alif ma ymoot ,, ”  and I know u wont go daddy bcoz I will b your next Generation 😉 and the memory of u will always b as sweet as u were n around every where 😉

Luch At Paul ! ;)

Awww I miss The Lunch With the gurlz 😉 !! and Do you know wht do I Miss more ? SHOPPING !!

The Girls and I went to Marina For Lunch This Afternoon and R wanted to dine in Paul So we did 😉

mn kither ma kina HUNGRY we were ready to order in line 5 mnts ;p !

So First they served the bread with olive and butter , now the olive was good a bit dry but ok but the bread was kindda old not that freash I mean, and Since All of Us were on almost a diet we didnt eat much except for one slice just to try it out

Then we Shared this Salad which I totally forget its name bs Was So GOOD !


Then Z and I also Shared a grilled chicken Breast which was also very very yummy !!!!! and the Vegetable with it was also fresh and gooood !! With their mushroom sauce whch was good but tasted more like a soup that a sauce ;s

D’s Dish was Fish and Shrimp with Vegetables and Sour cream, the taste was ok but she said that the sour cream was tooo sour and as she was on diet too she did not eat it !! Proud of u D ;***

As for R’s Dish, it took more than 30 mnts to get ready which 3la golat D, He went down to the sea, fished for Hamor and Then came back to cook it for R to FINALLY get her Royal Hamor ! ;p

Their Service was really SLOW ! But at the end they apologized for that and Apology was accepted ;p The Cutest part was the PRICE !! U see R love to play this game of guessing the price before we see it , I said 39 , Z said 35 , D said 32 and R said 37 !

We all were Wrong bcoz the price was ONLY 28 ! How cute is thaaaaaaaat ;p ! lool

You know what was the Best part of it ? My Sweet Cherry Pie Friends ;* I luv them wayd 7abaybi intow 😉

Diwaniyat Banat or Zawarat Banat ?! in other words ” Girls night in ” ;D

3 weeks every weekend My Friends and I Are planning this weekly weekendly Zwara or Diwaniya ;p ! Which is basically a gathering, the 6 of Us and more sometimes, we gather, we have lunch then we stay until 7 or 8 !

Activities :

Most important activity is Foooood on the corner ;p

Masra7iyat 8adeema like today we watched 3ala haman ya fir3oon and D was literally tsami3 il masra7iya ;p ! LooL funny thing was that D2 was soo excited bcoz its the first time she actually watch this play !! OMG we thought bs it was fun ;p

We play card , koot bo 4 or 6 3ala 7assab mno mowjod

we chit chatt and akeeeeeeeeeeed we Gossip !!! ;p

J was doing her project and D was helping her

R, D, Z and I were eating sweets n enjoying our m5adar chay and gahwa 3arabia ;p ! <<<– yam3at 3ayayiz ;p

and Todaaaaaaaaay D sawat lina si7r bi7r ;p ! bil janjifa which was secret reveling ;p ! fithaaaaaay7 bs SOOO MUCH FUN ;p

They Say Nothing better than a best group of friend to gather around u 😉 we share laughs n joy and much much more ! ;**


P.s Luv U my sweeeeeet cherry Pie friends waayd ;**