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My Cambridge Satchel bag is Finally HERE ! ;D

Finaaaaaaally got my Cambridge Satchel Bag , especially Customized by my name’s Letter ” F B ” 😉

I was so happy when i got my order 😉 and its so simple, yes i know some of u want to order it through some local internet website and

am not against that of course am just against the very greedy price they put ! i know some r selling it now for 120 KD ! when I got mine

from the official site for 47 kd only !!!!!! and yes u can do that too ! ooh no add more 4 kd for the shipment of Aramex fees which will b a

a total of almost 51 kd ! less than 50% of the price they are selling it here ! GREEDY Ppl ! ;@

any way just see this is the official site and this is how I ordered mine ;D

the website link is create account and order your bag now !

you can also customize it just like mine and add ur letters with a simple amount of fees 😉 Enjoy online shopping its much easier n cheaper 😉


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  1. Hehehe!! I know what you mean. Big difference between shopping online & here in Kuwait ;p
    I’m waiting for mine to arrive.
    Hopefully it’ll arrive soon! Can’t wait (^-^)


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