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2̶0̶1̶1̶ ….. 2012 Please Be Better ❤



2011 was the year that changed the world, especially the arab region 😉 It was the year of revolutions and freedom 😉 the year of justice and humanity, it was simply the beginning of new era. Personally, 2011 did not started well, however in the middle of the year, turned to be one of the best years 😉 I graduated from University and many things in my life has changed 😉 Its the year I bought my first and only pet Pooki ( He’s a cat btw )



Next biggest thing happened to me in 2011, when my sis told me she’s pregnant !! OMG am gonna b an auntie ;D Oh thats one dream i had a long time agooooooooo !! so i can’t wait for May 2012 when I can meet my Niece/Nephew 😉 Oh dear thats gonna b one great year inshallah ;D

So tell me how was ur 2011 ? Better than 2010 ? and what’s your goals for 2012 ? 😉 Share n care


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