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Wisdom teeth SUCK !


I have been suffering from this pain of the wisdom teeth for more than a week now ;s 5laaa9 jad wedi ashela bs mayta mn il 5oof ;s

I remember all the awful stories I heard about it especially my sis ! she went through hell ;s fa 7addi 5ayfa ashela bs the Dent says I should ;s now I have two option either i go for full anesthesia and do all 4 together or I go for local and two times ;s ! 9ara7a the first option sound better for me bs a bit risky especially in public hospitals and when I went to a private recommended Dent he asked for 550 KD !! I was like WTTTHHHHH china wayd ;s its a minor surgery why 550 ? my sis did her eye laser madre shisma ib 500 ! ;/

ahhhhh I really donna wht to do ;( and for now until am figuring it out am living with a cataphlam ( pain killer ) in my pocket ! ;(


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