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Post Grad Life ;)

Ok I know it been a very long time since I last post anything here but I really was in this kind of a post graduation phase. let me tell u all abt it ;p

First we start hunting jobs of course and that is taking long n with no result. I have done some exams n interview but no response yet from any so I guess I will b still waiting ;s

To be honest it’s not that bad living with nothing to do ;p i mean am in a different saloon or spa or at friends house every now and then ;D which is great and I can travel when ever I want but now with all the exams for jobs hunting i can’t ;s el mohim a7s inh ok it is nice yet sometimes it bites me back ! I love it bcoz i get to do things i wasn’t able to do when i was in collage like finishing all paper work i need to finish in the morning or any doctors appts or dental care. However, am not very big fan of it bcoz I really need to feel am doing something useful in my life ! other than watching tv shows out of my external or finishing a novel after another, i want more in my life and i want more for my future that i dnt wanna waste time just like that.

things on my list to do before i start working :

1- get rid of the 4 wisdom teeth !!!!!!

2- travel

3- read as much as I can from books n novels that was waiting for me to b off college books n start staring at another type of books

4- I think at this point of my life i need to adjust my closet style a little bit 😉

5- try every hair treatment or skin treatment available in the world for a better beauty results ;D

6- get rid of the 5 kilos i gained lately ;/ thats a thing i donna how can i do it ;s eeeeekhhhhh !


hmmm why else ? that it i guess for now and for last i wanna add that i really need to get bk to my blog ! I MISS IT so much bs I keep on staring at the empty screen running out of ideas to write any post ;s i will try my best to do much posting about my unemployed life 😉


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