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Ramadan Means; Mosalsalat (Tv shows) !

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photo taken from google search 😉

One of the Best Tv show this Ramadan is Saher Al- Lail 2 😉 9ara7a i didnt bother watching anything else bcoz i know this one is good and am no longer interested in watching so many, wa7d w kafi 3ly ;p

I loved Haya 3abdelsalam character this year, very much different than last year 😉 and 9imood as well playing ” ugly betty ” lol ;p a7s tishbahaaaa !! the time period this year is 80’s were last year was during 70’s, I donno much about 80’s but personally I loved the 70’s wayd, it was the time where my dad was young and almost everything mentioned in the Tv show I knew about from him 😉

This is highly recommended to watch 😉 Tell me wht do u think ? Wht else is there that u recommend ? 😉 Share your opinions about ur Fav Tv show this Ramadan 😉



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  1. Hands down, best TV show in Ramadan!!


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