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Dear Dad,

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Dear Dad,

It been so long since I last wrote for u, no am not busy and no I did not forget u, how could I J it just I don’t know what to say! The distance between us is getting bigger and I no longer know how to talk, write or communicate. Though I will try my best today. It had been one year, today we complete one year after you left. I know they say times heal n whatever, I think I need a lifetime to heal this pain. No daddy am not blaming u for leaving, though It is too soon to leave just yet, it is too soon to go just yet! And yeah we had a lot to go through and a lot was waiting for me n u but I know u had to leave and so am accepting it, at least I hope I am. It been one year today and I still feel like it was yesterday, baba I can still play the events of that day like a movie in my head with no sound, I can still see ur image, I can still feel ur touch, u were cold n so old n yellow! And ooh I still can feel Ur last kiss, last breath last look!

One year has gone, and many to go through and still I feel the emptiness u left inside me. One year, and yes we did it, I know u r proud but I miss u so bad! I miss ur voice the most, I miss calling u the first thing in the morning, I miss ur existence in my life, I miss ur smile, ur smell, ur everything around!

One year has gone, I went though it all, hard times and good. Tadre baba, I feel u inside of me, chinik 3ayish fi roo7i J sometimes like u never left! And sometimes like the distance is so freaking far! I can’t understand.

One year has gone, and I keep on telling myself I am strong even without u ! I look in my mirror and I see a lot of pain in me and yet I keep on saying am strong or gonna be for u, for mom , for them all !

Daddy I really love u , miss u n need u 😉 ! 3assa rabi yer7umk w ysaknik fasse7 janata 😉


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  1. that was very sweet of you.

    allah yer7amah

  2. i lost my dad 2 years ago and i understand how you feel…it’s really hard to live without them..
    alla yr7mhom o y’3fer lihom o ysknhom fse7 janata ya rab ..


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