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Movie Review : Kong Fu Panda 2 (2011)

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Ahhhhh I Loved it waaaaaaaaaaaayd ;*** I saw Kong Fu Panda 1 and it was amazing but this is just soo cute ;**

I went yesterday with my besti Z to 360 Imax theater 😉 It was so lovely and the movie was so cute ;D a7ibaaaaaaaa il panda ythaaaaa7ik and the tiger is really pretty ;p I just love going to kids movie where the cinema is full of kids n they comments on the movie loudly and very innocently cute ! Oooh and u get to see them after they r out n all of them are trying to do some Kong Fu moves around each other very excited kids 😉 Childhood is sweet sharing it is even sweeter 😉


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  1. I loved Kong u Panda 2 but I honestly laughed much harder in Kong Fu Panda 1. I also liked the ending. Next time in rains in Kuwait I’m gonna do exactly what he did.

    • lool Yeah It was so funny n Cute ! and there was some parts wayd 5nigatni il 3abra ;( when he was a baby ;( the gurl next to me cried ;( bs was a good movie 😉

  2. Foof its Kung fu not “kong” fu -.- I hate me too 3adi la tst7een ;p

    • Loool JJ !! Awal shy i dnt hate u, u may do hate me bs I dnt ;p
      Thani shy Walla el fthawa sawat mo3jizat ! Some1 is commenting here ;D for that I love u ;***


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