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Count Down Begins ….

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Yes Am counting down now 😉 5 days left until my last day of College, last exam and that’s it ! am done with my 5 years at AUK 😉

I still remember the first time I was in this place, it looked much different yet the same in a strange way. It was summer 2006, I was a fresh graduate from highschool and my mom took me to submit my papers at AUK 😉 I was excited yet afraid from this whole new life am awaiting for. I entered the camp, from the gate # 5, awww i still even remember wht I was wearing that day 😉 went to the registration and did all the paper work then waited for my mom to pick me up again 😉

5 years later I exit the camp from the same gate I entered it only with a lot of difference in between the two 😉 Yes AUK created some sort of a new perspective in me or changed me a bit. I was this fresh graduate who’s looking for a lot in life and AUK helped me draw the path I wanna walk in for the rest of my life. I picked my major by myself with of course some help of my parents. I choose to be majoring in Accounting and never regretted it 😉 I love my field, my major, my professor, my college experience and everything in between.

Though, every experience must have the good and the bad. The bad part of it was the last 2 years, I was struggling, actually I reached a point where I was asking myself if I can ever complete this program ? Yes I had doubt but I saw faith in my daddy’s eyes when he told me am gonna make it and he would be proud. I struggled bcoz I saw my beloved Daddy go through Cancer, and then he left. I dont blame anyone for this, qatha2 w qadar bil 3ax am more thankful to god today than ever 😉 el7imdlilah 3la kil 7al 😉 although he left so early and could not get the chance to see me graduating, but deep inside me I know he is there 😉 I can actually feel him 😉 watching me, I just hope he is smiling and proud of the person I am today.

My graduation Ceremony will take place on June 16th. I can’t wait for that day to come 😉 I can’t wait to really feel free n responsible at the same time. I can’t wait till I celebrate my 5 years at AUK with every single detail about it. My friends, My family, My professor, My second home AUK 😉 I guess it is time to kick the little baby bird out of the nest 😉 and yes am gonna Fly high up in the Sky, reach my dream, my goal, my aims, and make you proud 😉


This Goes to couple special people in my college experience. Of course firstly, I dedicate all my success and work for my daddy, even though he’s not here today, but I know he is in my heart and walking with me every step of the way, he supported me with one single look in his eyes that said it all. Secondly, This special person is one of my beloved professors Dr. Rawtha Awwad , this professor changed the way I look into life, the way I see future and the way I am 😉 I took 2 lovely courses with her and I wish It was more. Thank you Both for your great work and effort, You have created something deep in me that will stay for good 😉


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  1. Well this is interesting, I entered University in 2006 as well.. and this is also my last course.. yet my final exam is 6 days from now! Which is very unfair, how come they let you graduate a day sooner???

  2. Mashallah! Best of luck inshallah and congratulations in advance (^.^)

  3. Yallah ma bagee shay! 😀 Good luck!!!


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