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Thank You Ansam 518 ;*

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So we all know Ansam 518 and her new competition 😉 Unexpectedly my sis Z Won a Prize with her n since she’s out of the country i had to go n claim it for her 😉

I went yesterday to starbucks Al-Nuzha, I entered n looked around bs to be honest I could not recognize her between the ppl n so I asked the waiter ” Hello sir, I am here to meet Ansam 518 ? Ansam the blogger ? ” he asked ” The Author ? ” I was Yup exactly !! ;p

n So I met ansam for the first time 😉 The gurl is so amaaaaaaaaaazing ;** !! she’s lovely and sweet wayd ;D we shacked hands n I told her that we are big fan both my sister n I, and that her n my sis share the same bday !!!

I knew ansam was a great gurl n sweet bs she’s more than just that this, She’s Amazing 😉 ! Thank you ansam wayd for kil shy 😉 I love your blog wayd n now I know wht is the reason behind this great blog is the great writer n owner 😉 allah ywafgich sweetie ;*



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