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Heaven on Earth .. !

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Many have their own comfort zone or a place where they feel home , or as I call it their Heaven on Earth

And mine is … Simply This ..

I can walk through the books, I can sniff them ! Ahhhh it gives me warmth in my heart 😉 a7is ini a9er ib dinya thanya 😉

I was have some quality time at Me time Nail spa, which am sure many of u are familiar with n then I found that That il Salasil Book store, avenues branch was opened !!! eeeh daleel ini 9arli dahaaaaaaaaaar mo 6al3a ;( And they even have this little place for kids, which was lil2asaf empty ! bcoz all kids r not reading or coloring they rather spend their time jumping around ;@ !

You can Visit their Fb page and see wht do they have new or Follow them on Twitter page  or aked their official website !!

Enjoy 😉


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  1. Yaaaaaaaaaay wanasa lazem 2awady Farooosy 😀


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