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Busy Bee, This is Me !! ;(

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I really Dont remember when was the last time I was so not busy with Uni n have nothing to do !!!!! ;(

I miss my Friends gathering

I miss My Friend’s fa9lat while playing koot !! omg I soo Miss KOOT !!! ;(

I miss going out !

I miss shopping , like real shopping mo just one shop n go bk home bcoz I have tons of things to do ;s !

I miss mako shi’3il bil dinya lets go do our nails !

OMGGGGG i cant even remember whn was the last time I saw a movie at the theater ! mathkir wallah chinah kan Despicable me ? I donno i guess ;s

I miss reading a lovely novel or a book !

I miss spending time on the internet reading my Fav blogs ;(

Even twitter I dnt have time to do that very often !

I miss alot of things I used to do whn I actually had free time , Bs ma 3alaih ! ma biga shy ;D kilha shahar inshallah

Stay tuned for me ,, am gonna b wildly Back ! u know ur gonna love it 😉


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  1. it’s the best time you spend in your life, so take advantage of it n enjoy it to the max! after that everything will suck (work) 😛

    • loool Saron blv me i wont miss examz w papers due w malaqat il drassah ! ;p maybe the fun n friends eli ma gmt ashofhom bcoz kilman graduating n kilman is busy ;s


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