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Bayan Dental Clinic , Best Experience Ever ;*

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So I received an Email shortly after I posted this comment on Kuwaitiful blog talking about my fear n phobia of Dentist. The Email from Rama From Bayan Dental clinic was a very lovely invitation to come visit the clinic and try their Scaling n polishing. To be honest I was SOOO HAPPY n Flatered that they WANT ME in their clinic. U see am really a 3 years old when it come to Dentist and I know no clinic no dentist wants to deal with me bs I was so glad that they ACTUALLY Wanted me in their clinic 😉 Cute mo ? ;p 7abet-hom ;**

So I went last Sat to their Salmiya Branch located in Layla tower which am aked familiar with bcoz I visit KEC alot. The place is AMAZING , simple yet comfortable very relaxing n the colors n so cute summery n FRESH !

On my way to the my clinic ….

And here I was So calm n charm no harm at all ;p Thank u Bayan Dental for such a lovely Appt I am surly gonna b there someday soon n Thank u big time for the gel !! ;** they have this amazing gel to help reduce the sensitivity of the teeth which worked amazingly good with me ;D Now I have the smile ;D well i need to work a bit more bs i will get it soon ;p

You also should give them a visit n here’s their website 


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  1. I told you it was that easy!

    achoofech emsawya da3aya 7ag TODS..

  2. thankyou bottttth for your kind words!and thankyou toooni for the lovely post! we would love to have you at our clinic:D
    warm regards


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