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In The memory of him ;)

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Today was full of his memories, ooh wht am i saying like any day would not have any ?, But today was different, Today I meet one of his oldest friends. I remember His name really well, I saw couple of pictures for him n his wife in my parents wedding album and I still recall how daddy used to admire n love this friend very much. When The Uni emailed us, saying that he as an Author will be giving a Seminar on my camp, I directly marked my Calendar to attend. Today he was sitting, talking about all the effect of Iraqi invasion on Authors n writers some artist as well, He sound like him, same mentality same openness to the world n same love for this country. I know now why there were room-mates and friends, I can relate alot of wht daddy had with this great man 😉

The Seminar finished and I went to him, and I told him who I was, I am his Daughter 😉 He looked at me with Sadness n Sorrow in his eyes n asked me one question : ” eli sim3ta 9a7e7 ? ” I replied : ” Yes 3mi ,, ”  Then He called his wife who was present and Told her ” Shofay mno hni ,, bnta .. ” She gave me a look I would never forget 😉 As if she was seeing him in my eyes, in my heart n soul. She hugged me and asked me alot about him, mom n all of us, then i saw tears in her eyes n she could not stand it. I stood there in silence, could not hold my tears as well, but tried to be stronger. I told her how much daddy used to talk about them 😉 How much memories they shared. He came bk to us and asked her then ” Haa tishbah mno ? omha wila oboha ? ” she replied ” wallah kilha mn oboha .. tishbah oboha ,, w 3mat-ha b3d el 9’3era .. ”

And I could not feel more prouder than I did today, Now daddy I have u everywhere, in My heart, In my soul , even in my appearance 😉 I love U and I wish I can be half wht u were 😉

When I told mom the story she Answered me with ” Dayman ygolon eli y5alif ma ymoot ,, ”  and I know u wont go daddy bcoz I will b your next Generation 😉 and the memory of u will always b as sweet as u were n around every where 😉


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  1. :c

    i envy you for being able to come out of this with a positive attitude and resolution…..

    • Believe me I have all my negative attitude through out the last 8 months when he left me, But today I could not feel anything but how proud am i to be his daughter 😉 He was one great man , and will always have his good memory behind


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