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According to Kuwait Center of Autism, the definition of Autism is a lifelong, nonprogressive neurological disorder typically appearing before the age of three years.  In order to diagnose a kid with Autism, curtain symptoms would appear and be clear for parents and schoolteachers to notice it. For instance, Autistic kids tend to Insist on sameness, resistant to change, whether it’s the way of transportation or even their daily breakfast meal. Also, they prefer to be alone and have difficulties in mixing with others at school and with family members. Their parents would notice a physical over-activity or extreme under-activity in their Autistic kids. Most of them would have Difficulty in expressing needs; using gestures or pointing instead of words.


The causes of Autism are still being investigated. There is strong evidence to suggest that autism can be caused by a variety of physical factors, all of which affect brain development – it is not due to emotional deprivation or the way a person has been brought up.


As the causes of Autism are unknown as of yet, researchers and doctors are still trying different means of treatment on different Autistic kids in order for them to see the most positive treatment and apply it. However here are some of the means of treatment that may help autistic kids:


1- the drug treatment is used to soften the hyper activity cases in some children or depression and laziness in others. Those drugs do not treat autism but it helps the autistic children with the symptoms of it

2- The Auditory treatment is to try effect on the child auditory capacity, and concentration.

3- the most effective means of treatment is the organized educational training. These kinds of treatments help develop the child self-confidence by concentrating on the appropriate communication skills of each case according to the child’s level.

In Kuwait, and specially in 1994, There was the first germ to establish Kuwait Center for Autism and developed to be the first Autism training and educational Center in the Arab world, To respond the needs of many families as a specialized center for serving autistic Children. Awqaf Public Foundation contributed in adapting the center project from its first initiatives and dedicated an annually budget for this reason. Also many of Kuwait entities support the project e.g. the Ministry of Education, which offered a number of teachers in the Center. Kuwait center for autism, from its date of establishing aims to establish a Waqf for Autistic children by the supporting from the generous Kuwaiti people and open the gate for waqf donation, which may be in cash or by properties.


As we conclude, Autism is more common and distributed among the population in the Arab word than we have ever though. As a result, all society members shall stands up and acknowledge this disorder. We should all contribute and stand side by side to help autistic children and their families to adjust with their condition and to build up a friendly environment where these children could raise up with a better quality of life. Spread the awareness and help autistic children in Kuwait by volunteering in Kuwait center of autism, donating funds, or by registering with the annual walk for autism.



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