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Spread the Awareness ,, It’s Time Autism Speaks !

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In a normal Kuwaiti family, Ahmed was born in April 1998. He had 2 older brothers and 1 sister. At the age of two, his mother started to feel that he was different than his siblings. He lack communication skills, had difficulty establishing eye contact, had no capacity to concentrate and has hyperactive. By the age of three, when every average child has acquired linguistics and language skills; Ahmed was not yet able to verbally communicate with his parents and in school. He has undergone into several medical consultations; which results in him being diagnosed with “mental retardation”. However, Ahmed’s parents were not satisfied with the result. After the age of 6, and after being in and out of many different schools, Ahmed’s parent took him to a psychiatrist and then he finally diagnosed him with Autism. In Kuwait, Ahmed and many children like him are classified as disabled and are forced to be joining the special needs schools.

So, what is Autism? Is it considered as a disability or not?  What are the ways of treatments? And how can we help Autistic children specifically in Kuwait?

To Be Continued….


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