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Hectic time of the year ! ;s

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Yes am going through the most hectic time of my year ;s graduation is right behind the corner n this is my last semester at AUK, I will have only internship left for summer and am taking full 18 credits ! 3 major classes n 3 electives ! never thought it would be tough be it is ;s ! Basically AUK policy for vacation is, if they set a spring break let say for 1 week they make sure to make ur life miserable the 2 weeks before ur break and the 2 weeks right after ur break so u would have all the break week worrying n thinking abt wht u did in the past couple weeks n wht ur gonna do on the next ones !

almost every day of my next 2 weeks I have something to do, wither midterm exam or paper due or quiz or presentation !! No easiness ! All behind each other in no time ;( and From now till our spring break begins professors r already assigning assignments and paper to be due the week after we come bk ! Laish il 3athaaaaaaab ;( !! Babchi ;( t3abt wallah when is this semester gonna end ?! I feel it is going for ever ! ;s

The problem is that am working really hard to get it all and at the end of it am not getting wht I want, am not getting the grades I want to get and I donno what to change to get it right ! ;s t3abt ;(


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