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Little sweet, Little treat ;) !

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As mother’s Day hits the calender I was thinking of getting mama something sweet with her gift, 6ab3an let me tell u abt mama’s gift ;p mama is a really hard person when it gets to gifts ;p ! kila madre shno i get her so I’d rather just ask w she name w then we go buy it , chithy both we n her r happy ;D this year el 7ajia tabi laptop ;p so that is something easy bs since its mother’s day ma7b ard il beet eedi 5alya I decided to get her something sweet, w lakin Ams w FAJ2AA ! she is all like ” LOOOK , mabi shy sweet mabi shy aklah mabi twadoni ma63am mabi shy am on diet ! tabon yebow bs I will only look not eat !! ” So I was still having some hopes in that n I asked 3leewi my little bro shno nyeb since i knw he’s the one who would end up eating it all ;p ? 6ila3 3leewi 3ishtow ham on diet ! fa 8arart ma ayeblihom ;p BUT, yes there is always a BUT, I brought something for my friend’s mom as I consider her just like mommy 😉 ! wayd a7bha w u knw when this person reminds u of ur mom with all her sweetness n kindness, yes this is her n she deserve more than wht I brought her walllah ;** I decided to try out Little treat in Wataniya Complex in Salmiya.

here’s a little about it 😉


For more details contact them through their official website 😉 They are good 😉 Enjoy it


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  1. “since i knw he’s the one who would end up eating it all” lol that’s priceless!

    great photo’s too, I bet if they made angry birds cup cakes they’d sell like crazy.

    • Thank u 😉 Awww the Angry birds cup cake is great idea yy not suggesting it ? the gurl who owns the place is really sweet I bet she would love the suggestion 😉


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