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What’s Happening Around ?

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You must have been asking yourself the same question .. Everyday we open the tv only to find out more is going around our planet ! ppl are protesting in several parts of the worlds, others are celebrating, while many have been suffering from some natural disasters n couple more are waiting in line for their Ipad2 !!!

I want you to understand that this post has no answer to the question stated above, just wondering around with everything going on .. ? I am just like you wondering and thinking about it every single moment, and the another am busy doing something else.

Never watched the movie 2012 where everyone now is relating everything going with the movie, and am not intending to watch it. Frankly, whats going on is freaky enough for me not to mention all what my mom n some old family members are saying about this being the end of the world and ” ‘6hor il mahdi ” is soon ! at first I was kindda not believing it but after Japan earth quick and everything else goin in Libya, Bahrain, and lastly Saudi Arabia, am kindda starting to believe in it !

Freaaaaaaaky right ? Wht if it is really the end of the world ? I mean I haven’t done anything yet ! I need to work, have a family with 7 kids, raise them up right and send them to help the world around ! none of that is done yet, not nearly done ! mita ra7 yamdeeni ayeb my 7 kids ;( ?! I knw u may think silly right ? Bs for me having kids is not optional, its kindda of a goal i have in my life. Not only having the kid and watch them grow up with their nannies ! No am really planning to raise them up better, good quality ppl to help this world ! Bs shaklah mara7 yamdeeeni ;( !

2011 is really scary ! Allah y7afith iL Kuwait w ahalha mn kil shar ya rab 😉


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  1. I dont think you’re silly at all! I know how youre feeling, Amen to that sister! 😛


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