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Ipad 2 Cant wait for u ;* !

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Awwwwwww A5eeeeeeeran ;D its gonna hit the Us stores by 11th of Mar and I donno when its gonna b in Kuwait bs el mohim i knw its sooon n I dont have to wait too long again ;p My friends promised me they will get it for me as a Bday gift ;D ;D Aren’t they the best out there ? ;**

So what is Ipad 2 that is different that Ipad 1 ?

it is thinner n Lighter ;D eeeh 3shan ma nit3ab w i7na inshogil feh hni w hnak ;p zain ma sawaitow ;p the Pink is the smart cover where u can fold it n use it as a stand also 😉

It Also has a 2 face Cameraaaaaa ;D Yuppyyyyyyy Best thing Ever ;* I love u Apple ;$

W shnooo b3d ?? eeeeeh 5al awarekom mara thanya the smart cover ;p Ana yimkn I take the pink ? madre yshawgoon

W fi shy ismh multi touch


W fi wayd ashyaaaaaaaa2 tshawg ;D 6ab3an more fast 😉 and Advanced w yallaaaaah abeeeh bser3a ! Cant wait


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