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Hello Fellow Bloggers n Reader, How are we today ? I hear fine , Good  ? Ok So let me tell u all abt MY DAY ! ;p

i7m first of all am sick, I have infection n im dizzy all the time n so I dnt drive tht much, I rather take my driver instead and so today morning i decided to take my driver for Salmiya Bcoz I need a Hair Dryer.. Normal ? so far right ? ok Good lets see wht’s next ;p

Do u know the new Zain building ? The one next to Freej 9waili7 Rest ? Do u knw wht’s behind these buildings ? Their is this american beauty shop where a Friend of mind suggested that I give them a visit bcoz 3la golat-ha their Hair dryers r AMAZING !

So I parked from the other side of the building, the back of it next to the soccer fields.

Na9er ” my driver ” : Ana sawi park here ?

Me : Yes here .. * Looking at my phone screen to check out the time *



Na9er : Hada shno mayshof !

A young man came out of his big huge THAHOU toward my long purple grand marquise ;p n he said : e5ti 3assa ma t3awartow ?!

Me : * shrayik y3ni in my hear * Shno ma tshoooof ?! allah yhadakom ish-hal swagah !!!! ;@

Him : Ana asif 7a9al 5air eli tabonah y9er ..

Me : ohwa shno 9ar exactly ?

Him : walah mako tkasirow ur bk lights n da3amiyatkom ishway infa39at w tzali’3at bs 7a9al 5air !

Me : In6er adg 3la o5oy ! U WAIT HERE DNT MORE , NA9er off the car ! Dnt move !

after callin my bro he talked to the guy they settled things down n he gave us his phone # w my bro will take care of it bs I was still insistent into getting my hair dryer ;p So i went to the shop ma 3ijabni shy ,, I went out I was again staring at my phone callin my driver n there was this old Man, 70 years old walkin n staring at me * shfeh hatha ! * I thought.

So crappy day haa ? yallah ma 3laih wait shway until u see wht will happen next ;p !!

Me : 5ala9 na9er go Sul6an Center

Na9er : ok

And All the sudden a Benz with the same 70 years old man was right next to me in the parking b4 we took off, he was lookin at me and he was all like take the number !

Me : WHHHHHHHHHT THEEEEEEEEEEEEEE HEEEEEEEEEEEEEELLLL !! NO WAY HE’S LIKE A GRANDPA ! Na9er bser3a yallah sul6an w malik shi’3il feh !!! yalla quick quick

Na9er : Hada shlon ana fi rooh hada rajal mafi majal ana yamshi ..

Me : ista’3fer allah I looked at him with my big glasses on n he decided to move ! So we can get out of the park n I thought uff ashwa ma ba’3aina 9ij shiyab a5er ziiman !!

Moooo 9aaaa7i moo ? Well u dnt knw wht did he do next !!! ;p

He followed me all the way to Sul6an Center n on the traffic light he was right next to me doing things n waving n the other side were couple of guyz in their Range n they noticed wht the grandpa was doing n they were like : YAAAAAL SHAIBAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA !!! istaaaaaaaa7 3la waihik reeelik w il gabir !!!!!!!!!!!!

U may think by that time, and after all the insults he had he would give up right ? Hmmm no no no he was still insisting !!

So then My driver dropped me in Sul6an right beside the door, n I thought uff a5eran banzil w baftak mnah !

I was shopping for home peacefully, then I went up stairs to check out their hair dryers n Guess wht ?! All the sudden grandpa was RIGHT NEXT TO ME !!!!! FOLLOWING ME INSIDE SUL6AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAN ;@ !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

By that time I lost my temper n I was this close to call the security for him bs i7taramt shaibta w 6al3ta chan agola : Inta ma 2athainty ?!!!!! bs 5alaaaaaaa9 law3t chabdi ;@ !!!!!!!!!!

He looked at me with hope in his eyes that I will change my attitude ! <<— mo9aaaaaaaamim !!! ;p n then left ! a5eraaaaaan

then I finally bought the hair dryer went bk home n took a shower, blowed my hair off n sat on my bed wrote this up for my chocolate Muffin readers to share my Lovely day with them ;p !

Tadron shno g3dt afaker on my way home ? I was all thinking abt the grandpa, why ? Where is his wife ? kids ? grandchildren ?

why is he all alone out there ? How desperate is he ? and HOW HOW ON EARTH Does he have all the courage to do that ? All the self confidence !!!!!!!!!! ahhhhhhh I couldnt find answer to any of my questions ;( If you knw the answer plz lemmi tell me am desperate to analyze the situation ;p



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  1. “Na9er : Hada shno mayshof !” I wish I was there to see that part.

    “chocolate Muffin readers” I never knew I was a chocolate muffin, well at least I taste good.

    I don’t know why grampa was so insistent, but I tend to expect the unexpected these days, especially from old lonely people. His lonely because his wife probably caught him cheating. His kids don’t care about him since he didn’t care about them and his all alone looking to commit sin in any given opportunity. Allah Eyhada.. mubugga shay mn 7ayata and his making things worse.

    • Lool yeah that was na9er tryin to understand wht happened in his own way ;p

      n Abt u my readers, as u r all so sweet I like to imagine that ur this good chocolate muffin with chocolate chip on top ;p

      Expect the unexpected is definitely my moto now ! n Exactly like u said I guess he’s lonely n desperate , ppl his age would say yallah 7isn il 5atma but instead he choose to make his end bad ! at the end its all abt choices 😉

      Thank u for passin by 😉


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