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28 Things I love About February ;) !

For every Kuwaiti This month is special but for me its totally another story to tell 😉

This February and Every February of Every year has a special taste in my life ,, This Year it mark 28 days on my calender and I knw 28 things I love abt it.

Here’s My List ;

1- I love the Weather in this month, its not freezy cold nor HOT HOT HOT ! Its just perfect 😉

2-  I Love that my country celebrate its National n Liberation Day 😉

3-  I love the Amount of holidays we get this month ;p

4- I love Celebrating my bday on the 26th of this month along with my beloved country’s Liberation day 😉

5- I love Hala Feb Concert where I can see Celebrities n check their outfits out ;p

6- I love the shopping n some good bargains u could find out there ;p

7- I love the lights n flags I enjoy while driving around the streets

8-I love that My Uni also has a special decoration for this Month

9-I love this time of the year bcoz I knw It will be the end of the winter season n the beginning of the Summer season, and yeah I love summer ;p weird i knw ;p

10-I love the type of cloth we wear now, not heavy yet not so summery ! just perfect

11- I love sitting out enjoying the weather with my lovely Friends 😉 U have no idea how much i love the gurlz ;**

12- I love that this Feb baba 9uba7 gave us 1000 Kd ;p although I was more like to see this money going to something more useful, I knw many will go shoppin with it like myself but I also knw that we should put Charity on our mind b4 anything else 😉

13- I love that it has only 28 days like I dnt have to wait too long for the month to end whn am waitin for somethin

14- I love that Feb is all abt Kuwait, I love how many ppl show how Kuwaitful they r ;p n this point goes to my friend n fellow blogger Kuwaitiful 😉

15- I love that at this time of the year, my uncle has his company for an open day n I get to enjoy that, I love the atmosphere of family n business mixed together 😉

16- I love that being born on this month means am a pisces which is one thing I like abt me 😉

17- I love that at this time of the year u see me waitin for all the designer to hit it with their new collection or cruise collection

18-Did I mention birthday n claiming gifts ? ooh n usually at this month as I call it my month I tend to get easy on myself with everything as u knw a sort of Birthday treatment ;p

19- I love that its a free exam month as its just the beginning of the n we jst get settled in classes

20- I love how everything new abt this month, classes, professors, courses, books, n stuff ;p madre wanasa a7s kil shy yded new fresh start

21- I love that we celebrate Valentine’s at Feb ,, No wait am kiddin never celebrate it bs to b honest its cute when u see all the shops havin the Valentine’s collection n theme ;p yshawgon though am not a Valentine person ;p

22-  I Love the feelin when I wait for it all year long to come n whn its here even if i did nothin just opening my calender will draw a smile on my face

23- I love the whole atmosphere, spirit n every thing else

24- I love tht even during these day our islamic Calender marks Feb with Ribe3 whr we have the prophet Mohammed Birthday n since I usually go to 9lat il yim3a, I luv how 5i6bat il yim3a would be all abt celebrating it

25- I love that am so excited about it that I decided to write a whole post listing n kindda got stuck bs decided to continue no matter ;p

26-I love my insistency ;p

27- N I love that am almost done here ;p

28-  wohooo No more of it, I just love this month with all it has hidden inside  ;D


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  1. Happy late birthdaaaaaay! 😀

  2. I know i’m super super late, but it’s better than nothing. Thank you for the mention!


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