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Pieces I Like !


As seen on Najwa in her latest Tv show ” Arab Got Talent ”


And then on the Fabulous Lieghton Meester As Blair in Gossip Girl


The Jacket is By Balmain and here’s more of the collection 😉


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  1. It surprises me accurate girls can be when they want something. Next time I find something on TV I like, I know where to go!

    • lool believe me not all the gurlz have the catching eye of fashionista 😉 Some could go across it without notice 😉 So next time u need help lemmi knw 😉

      • I’m gonna have to say they’re “rare” the ones who do not ‘notice’ these stuff .. Because most girls I know and myself can be very accurate! 😉

        Happy Birthday sweetheart :*

  2. NuNu-San ; Ur totally right ! In this part of the world it is rare but in others maybe not 😉 Thank u sweetie ;**


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