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Back To School !


We are back to school or Uni whtever ;p el mohim Dawamna and Believe it or not am SUPER excited ! No am not a geek student with glasses w I love to study bs madre maybe the fact that this is my last semester give me chithy a feeling that am gonna live it widely !  A7is inh This is it I wanna take this semester to the MAX ! do everything w participate mo nfs awal kila laaa mali 5ilg ! ;p Nooo now ana biy9er li 5ilg lidarajat inh I signed up for 2 clubs  ! 2 STUDENTS CLUBS ! Yes am taking it to the max ;p

w This is my schedule 😉 For the First time in 4 years I have a DECENT schedule no long gaps n no going home n bk in the middle of the day ;D w kil yoom a5ali9 around 3:15 w il shar3 ykon faaaaaaathyyy zibdaaaaa mako traffic which is AMAZING ;D So am enshallah gonna do good study hard w ya rab in5ali9 this semester 3la 5air 😉 I luved my Uni Experience 😉 b7loha w mirha


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