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Dubai’s Best Food experience !

My Dubai’s Best Food experience was at Almaz by Momo At Mall of the Emirates, where they have the best Moroccan Cuisine.

If not for the loud music i would say this place is perfect ! From every thing, every single detail was taken care of and every thing was really nice 😉 I love how u can feel the Moroccan atmosphere in this restaurant in everywhere 😉 !

The food was good ! Was very good, however, I am not a meat lover so I prefer chicken but I knw the meat they serve is really good, as my mom claims.

and They have this special dish of chicken and cinnamon they call Pastilla as I believe and my mom, uncle, and aunt Loved it.

I loved the soup they served first too bad I dont knw wht do they call it ;p ! Bs it was good

overall this was my best food experience in Dubai 😉 ! I loved every single thing abt that place and the fact that I was there with a lovely company of my uncle n his wife 😉 we had so much fun ;* Thank u 3mi


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  1. Aaaah yummy do they add wine on meat?

  2. Looks really classic!

    Nothing annoys me more than loud music, this is just the right place for calmness. Definitely considering passing it by next I visit to Dubai.


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