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Movie Review : Blue Valentine (2010)

Today I had finished my exam at 10 Am n I have nothing serious for school so i decided to spend some time watching a movie. I have downloaded many recently and I picked this to watch today, madre my mood was shway romantic ;p So I said yallah lets boost it up with this movie 😉


Cast : Ryan Gosling, Michelle Williams, and John Doman.

The movie is about ” a contemporary married couple, charting their evolution over a span of years by cross-cutting between time periods.”

I was interested in the movie bcoz of the Actor Ryan Gosling, I loved him in the note book and I thought this would be good as well bs lil2assaf turned to be so ordinary movie that tells story of a couple who lost it after years of marriage, very classical and very repeated story I didnt see anything new, nor did they played it from different perspective. I mean Ryan Gosling was good in the notebook bs here madre shfeh allah yhadah wayd mhatmaaal w chinah hitly ;s ! u knw what I mean ? eli a guy who smokes n drink in 10 Am no responsibility w chithy ;s w malabsa kila dirty w he does not shave wala shy ;s ! too much allah yhadah ;s ma 3jabni ;p

Madre 9ara7ah I had more expectation in the movie but I wasnt as good as I thought it will. I am surprised why the rating for the movie was too high and the reviews I read about it has highly recommended it ;s I didnt see anything so special 9ara7a ;s Madre yimkn ma 3indi nathra faniya ;p

However, Best part of the movie was the little cute gurl ! She’s so freakin cute and smart ;* Tshaaaawg, she plays the role of being the only daughter for the couple and her name is Frankie in the movie 😉


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  1. Michelle Williams is one of the most gorgeous people in the world…

  2. The girl is such a cutie! 😀


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