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Be Thankful .. Be Grateful ! ;)

el 7imd lilah ya rabbi 😉 I am grateful for every thing I have in my life

I am Grateful for my health, education, home, security, food n water

I am Grateful for having such a great Family

I am Grateful for Having my mom n Dad

I am Grateful for my father’s Cancer, that gave me almost 3 years to adjust to the fact that he will leave me soon

I am Grateful for spending 21 years around my daddy, while others never seen theirs

Thank You god for everything you gave me and everything you took from me, and YET keeping everything back into a Balance ! 😉


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  1. awww loved the post :*

  2. Ma Sha’ Allah.

    I hope other people read this and get deeply inspired. Specially those who have sick loved ones. No matter what happens, we are always thankful to God.

    7amdella 3ala ne3mat el eslam.

  3. A beautiful reminder to be thankful for what we have


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