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Books to Be Read ;)

Am finishing this semester by the 26th of Jan, Am going to Dubai By the 27th of Jan and the rest till I get bk to school do u know what am planning to do ?

am planning to Read 2 books Enshallah 😉 one of them I have already started in reading it ,which is ” Al sajeena ” By maleka Ofqear 😉 am sure many of you have heard about it. It is really one good book bs lil2assaf I stopped reading it now bcoz of my finals n examz

And the second one is ” Tilka el 3itma il Bahira for il 6ahir bin Jilwan ” one of the most amazing books that I have heard about and would highly love to read. Enshallah bs a7a9lah in this Town

Looking Forwards 😉


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  1. oh great 😀 btwfeeeg enshalla. so don’t u have good english books something that recommends

    • Thank you. Emballah wallah I have heard alot about ” The Kite Runner ” and “Eat, Pray, Love” My Aunt Just read that and she said that it was nice. both r on my list of reading next inshallah 😉

  2. Garait’haaa il sajeeeeena!!! i really loved it!! hathi awal qi9a agraha kamla!! o akher wa7da LOOOOOOOOL:P


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