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SUPER Busy !

I am super busy these days with all the finals coming n final project due ! ;s Feeling tired already from all what they r giving us bs me5alif hanat. I have one semester n an internship left for graduation !! ;D ma biga shy, it feels weird n old to graduate from University bs it also feels goooooooood !! a7is like Im done with one goal in my life n ready to start the next one , Masters ? Let’s hope on that 😉 am aiming for an MBA inshallah 😉 ok ok Toona back to the ground we r talking abt finals now so focus plz ;p !!

Am sorry for the shortage of posts in the coming days, I will be back actively right after Finals 😉 and maybe during it , for I break i mean 😉 stay tuned 😉


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