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Deerat NIHEEBA !

Yes As u have read above deerat niheeba hatha eli ga3d y9er unfortunately here in this town ! I’m Just gonna list the things that are been going around with me these two days and I felt like ” NIHEBA ” !

1- Today when I visited Metime Nail spa with my sister, she choose a color then it did not look nice and asked me ” Toona, t-hagain a’3ayra moo ? moo 7ilo ? ” Me without thinking ” Eee Zayoon sure yy would u put sumthing u dnt like ! ” The technician ” Maaaaaam that would cost you 2KD ! ” Ok nothing against the 2 kd bs seriously @@ ! YY would I have to pay for changing my color at a nail spa ! talking from business perspective this is so stupid do u knw yy ? They might lose customers like my sister this is her first time there n she was like ” Well at N-Bar I dnt have to pay ! ” and after we left she told me that she liked N-bar better than Metime nail spa ! In a competitive market its not smart to charge extra for a nonsense service ! and again from a business perspective, what is another caught of  another nail polish !! mantow 5asranen shy btw ! ;s I really dont get it

2- I called My private clinic where I go every 2 months and the doctor would write me the prescription for two months n everything would go sooo smooth ! Zain, this time when I gave my driver the prescription he did not find the medicine w btw there is a rule that the perception expired after 5 days of the date it has issued at ! 2amana bilaah, today I called the clinic ya e5ti ana chithy chithy salfiti momkin bs tgolen 7g il Dr yktibli wa9fa thanya 3shan ayi a5ith il diwa ? the answer was ” Yes sure it cost 30 KD !! ” and I went like ” NA3AAAAAM ” ! ish7agggaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa b3ad ;s ?! la2 seriously shno bitsawon bil 30 KD ? btishtron a8lam w papers w 6aba3at 3shan he writes w u stamp it !! ;s Again DEERAT NIHEEBA !!!

3- Kil yooooooooooom il 9ib7 a6l3 mn beetna aro7 iL uni here comes the routine.

The Driver : ahhhh ahhh ahhh Ana yabi floooos !!


The Driver : Hatha habeeba ” the maid ” ygol ana rooh jam2iya yishtri jarjeer m3a koossa !


The Driver : Haa ?!

Me : haak imsk shway * gives him my books n my keys * w I open my wallet w alga like 2 KD lamman shift-hom ams bil lail in my wallet I thought ” Yeeeeess Starbucks bacher ;D ” !! Bs Noo I had to give it to him !

The Driver  : Ahhh ahhh ahhh hadaaa maykafiiiiii !!

Me : Ya sater ! 7tta inta ya na9oor maykafeek 2 KD ! 9ij NIHEEBA ! ;@ hak mako ib booki 2ila hal ni9 ziyada 7tta lipton Ice tea makko zain ;s

Ok I know inh #3 malah 3ila8a bil first two bs this is yy I felt inh Niheeba kil mokan ! 7ttan na9oor my driver ma salam mnhom ;(  What do you think ? Am I ji39a or not ;p ?


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