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Heal My Heart !

They Say ” Heels are the best way to heal a broken heat ” ! And I say TODS are the Best way to heal mine !

You see am the kind of person who would go shopping after a rough day. Like when my dad passed away, I bought shoes online ! after one week and I felt better ! wallah I feel really good when I buy shoes 😉 It can draw this smile on my face n gives me the feeling of satisfaction. So After a rough day I had yesterday, I found myself in TODS  *blinking eye* madre shloon ya raabi shloon faj2a liget roo7i hnak ;p kilish mo am the one driving myself there ;p LOOL w I got myself this pear of TODS 😉 Which made my day ;** Love them wayd. Btw other than healing harts, TODS are really foot friendly shoes ! I mean they are sooo freakin adorable, pretty n more7eeen ! U can go spend the day at Avenues with no worries at all or U can take one with u in a traveling trip  😉

So Question for you all, What heals your broken heart better ? 😉 Share answers we would love to try


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  1. lovely shoes :)) I go shopping for shoes and never get enough ! I LOVE SHOES ^-^

  2. 3alech bil3afia, its a bargain 1 u can wear them almost every single day !

    • Allah y3afeech , Yes it is ! Bs one tip for u all , never wear one on a rainy or wet surface ;p My cuzn wore hers n zligat on Marina Crescent stairs ;p Fa be carful tra yzaaaaalig mn t7t ;p

  3. Now if only they made something similar for males, or did they?


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