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Movie Review : Ramona and Beezus (2010)

Last night my mom and I spend the night in watching this movie ! OMG it was sooo funny and SUPER CUTE !

The little gurl is just  irresistibly  CUTE ! and Funny AND Smart ! I wonder where did they found her ! ;p Awww and She reminds me of little Toone all the way ! ;p What a good old days ;p lool 7attan mama was like this is sooo u ! especially the part she decided that she’s no more welcome in the home and she has to escape ! I did that too when I was little I packed my suit case and put on my scarf and Cap and kissed mom n dad goodbye and went out , only to sit on the door steps crying ;p wanting them to feel me welcome again and come get me ! but instead mom was like ” ooh 7abebti u wanna go its on u can go ”  !! Now after watching this movie I understand that this is all mother’s reaction bcoz her mom did almost the same to her.

I assure U that this is one of the MUST WATCH movies ! If you love smart kids n family movies of course

here’s the movie’s official trailer :


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