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Luch At Paul ! ;)

Awww I miss The Lunch With the gurlz 😉 !! and Do you know wht do I Miss more ? SHOPPING !!

The Girls and I went to Marina For Lunch This Afternoon and R wanted to dine in Paul So we did 😉

mn kither ma kina HUNGRY we were ready to order in line 5 mnts ;p !

So First they served the bread with olive and butter , now the olive was good a bit dry but ok but the bread was kindda old not that freash I mean, and Since All of Us were on almost a diet we didnt eat much except for one slice just to try it out

Then we Shared this Salad which I totally forget its name bs Was So GOOD !


Then Z and I also Shared a grilled chicken Breast which was also very very yummy !!!!! and the Vegetable with it was also fresh and gooood !! With their mushroom sauce whch was good but tasted more like a soup that a sauce ;s

D’s Dish was Fish and Shrimp with Vegetables and Sour cream, the taste was ok but she said that the sour cream was tooo sour and as she was on diet too she did not eat it !! Proud of u D ;***

As for R’s Dish, it took more than 30 mnts to get ready which 3la golat D, He went down to the sea, fished for Hamor and Then came back to cook it for R to FINALLY get her Royal Hamor ! ;p

Their Service was really SLOW ! But at the end they apologized for that and Apology was accepted ;p The Cutest part was the PRICE !! U see R love to play this game of guessing the price before we see it , I said 39 , Z said 35 , D said 32 and R said 37 !

We all were Wrong bcoz the price was ONLY 28 ! How cute is thaaaaaaaat ;p ! lool

You know what was the Best part of it ? My Sweet Cherry Pie Friends ;* I luv them wayd 7abaybi intow 😉


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  1. that salad picture is healthfully killing me slowly.

    I love Paul, doesn’t taste good at all, actually no human taste good. His a really good friend.


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