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Dear Dad, 3eedik imbarak ;) !

Dear Dad,

Hello Daddy, How Are you ? I know it been a long time since I last wrote for you, and No its not that am busy nor forgetting you it’s just that I Donno what to write ? To be honest I feel like you are more distanced than before. Maybe, when you first left I had a feeling that you’re still with me, feeling me and so on, but now I feel like you have been away. You barely visited me in my dreams and even when you do so, you hardly talk to me. I really hope that its nothing and I hope after this letter you would have the chance to come and visit me, you know how much I miss you right ? you know I never take you off my mind ? You know how much I remember every single thing, your gentleness, your smile , our chit chatting and every thing we shared.

So Since It have been a long time since you heard from me, I think I have alot to tell now 😉 so get ready and I hope I dont bored you with my endless talk ;p but what to say you know how much I love sharing every thing with you. So we are half way through our semester, Fall semester is nearly done, midterms and projects were due last week before 3eed and we have many others to be due after the holiday as well, yes t5aiyal baba ma y5alona nistanis ib our holiday we have always lots of work to be done, bs el 7imdlilah am doing well. Remember the fear I had about presenting, well here’s the big news, I had to present about one arabic novel that I should pick and talk about to the class for nothing less than 15 mnt ! when the professor first assigned us the presentation task I was like WHAT THE HELL !! 15 mnts ?! what am I gonna say ?! and How can I stand out there infront of every one for that long !!! But guess what ? My presentation was due last week, I stood up there and with all the preparation I had I was able to present for 52 mnts !!! I TOOK THE WHOLE CLASS Time presenting and better than this my audience were really listening and excited, not falling asleep !! My professor liked it alot and so is my class mates, and am sure if you were here you would have liked it too 😉

Today, You know we have no 3eed bcoz your not here but as usual I have to go Asalim 3la uncle M. How sweet and lovely is he 😉 I love him wayd baba, You know I see all the resemblance of you in him, that’s yy I enjoy his talk and company. I wore something new bcoz mama told me that for a 3eed we should even when we are not celebrating it, it was dark Grey Blazer with a black pants but Uncle M said I looked nice 😉 we sat we talked we shared alot and we had lunch and best part of it I had my 3eediyaaaaa !! Yes I thought I wouldn’t bcoz am almost 22 ;p bs seems like ppl are still generous and giving out 3ayadi ;D Uncle M gave me and Even Obo 3alawi gave meeeeeeee !! YaaaaaaaaaaaaY ;D 7addi tfashalt bs he said that I should still be having 3eediya until I work and be giving them out instead ;p ! LooL Cute 9a7 ;D Eeeh w 3alawi Was SUPER CUTE today !! ya5ti 3aleeh He was allegiant with his new cloths and was smiling and laughing all the time ;** 7abebi sooo cute

Today was suppose to be a 3eed, but our 3eed was taken almost 4 months ago, I stood up in morning and prayed for god that you would be celebrating 3eed in a better place, with grandma and all the ppl you love. Everything was missing you today, but knowing that you’re not in pain and in peace was really my 3eed. As much As I love you, want you and need you to be here to complete my life with all the missing space you left, I still smile that I know your not in pain. I love you more than I love myself and I love you to be in good shape and pain free more than anything. So, from here I will be sending you my blessing and agolik 3eedik mbarak ya a7la w a’3la w a3az baba bil dinya , ma bagolik ishkither a7bk w abek w I miss you bcoz I know enk tadre w t3rf ‘3alak zain 😉 w This time you will be having your 3eediya not giving me and I hope you have received what I have sent you from reading qur2an and more 😉

please take a special care of yourself and please I beg you baba please visit me more often, please talk to me, contact me, I need to feel you closer than you are. Have a great and special 3eed 😉 a7bk


Toona 😉


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  1. alyooom bechet bachy ya Tonaa! wallah still after 5 yrs and the pain is the same! allah y3eena o yer7amhom eb ra7meta rb :*

    • 7yaaaati sarooona ;** la tbcheeen dmo3ich ‘3alya 3alaiha wayd w U knw ehya would not want u to do this to urself ;* I understand, them being so far away is killing, all the missing and needing part is ugly with no filling bs what to do this is what god chose for us and them 😉 9adgeni ana kil ma a7s eni abeh athkir ishlon kan yit3athab when he was in pain w I ask myself over and over again if I say I luv him that much do I want him to be here even if it was with pain ?
      and When I read Fourme blog and what she had to go through I realize more what they have been through bcoz 3ala kither ma kan baba in pain he was not a big complainer and that’s yy we know less abt it 😉

      7yati inty mita ma b’3ety ay shy just lemmi knw, consider me ur second sister 😉


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