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The Memory of his Scent !

I was a little girl when he used to come in Friday afternoon smelling like FISH ! He then would go take a bath after he drop by the fish he brought for Friday lunch. Around 2 pm every thing would be ready, a yummy cooked fish meal by him ! Yes my daddy used to cook for us all the time, especially when it comes to fish ! He adores fish and I never tasted a better one than the ones he used to cook ! on the table I would sit next to him, and He would eat with his hands and u see the mess around his place at that day 😉 he takes little pieces of fish meat and put it on the corner of my plate, he takes out the bones and feed me fish !

Afterwords, We would sit in the ” 9allah ” with the tea and something sweet to eat wether its a ma3mol tamr or 7alwa ba7rainiya which was his Fav and He asked me ” Baba go bring me some strong perfume, my hands smells like FISH ! ;p ” I say baba 7abebi u kilik smells like fish mo bs ur hands ;p bs then I think that this hands fed me fish and brought it for me all the way and cooked it too so I appreciate even the smell of it !

Since He got sick 3 years ago, we rarely have ate fish , no one went to bring it from the fish market as fresh as he used to, no one cooked it the way he does, and no one took a little small bone-less pieces of fish to feed me  !!

Now am convincing my friends to go to the fish market, the place where the Scent of it reminds me of him , his gentleness, I love that smell wayd I love whn he comes with it as much as I love him 😉 A7bk BaBa w I miss u smell like fish again 😉 !


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  1. that’s just so adorable of you walla:’) allah e5aleeh lkm enshalla ^_^


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