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My Tiramisu ! ;D

Yes I do make Dessert ! And I love Making it ! 😉

So Today We are All having our ” Zwarat Bnat ” At D’s Place ! Isn’t that cool to have zwara for ur friends ;p ?! I like the idea and Now its the Third week I go invited to go to This zwara and Its my first time, unfortunately the previous two weeks I was either busy or sick w I couldn’t make it bs inshallah today am gonna go ;D   And Ammmmm Super Excited !! So I promised the Girls I will Do my Special Tiramisu ! Now Why do I call it Special Bcoz I add strawberries in the layers of it

The Ingredients :

1 1/4 cup boiling water
1 1/2 table spoon coffee (nescafe)

1 can red grapes juice I used Caesar Juice it taste better than KDD Bcoz it has less sugar

Lady fingers biscuits I used the same brand in the picture, U can Find it in Mishref Co-op on Sul6an

1/4 cup sugar (m67on na3em)
500 g philadelfia cream cheese And I used the light one instead of the regular ;p

1/2 cup KDD whipped cream (elblue can)

1 sachet dream whip

chocolate powder for decorating the surface

And of course strawberries ! I cut it into small pieces and I add it between the layers of biscuit and cream


dissolve coffee in the boiling water, add 1/2 the grapes juice can, mix, then dip the lady fingers buscuit…make one layer in ur plate.

2nd layer:
mix all the remaining ingredients (including the remaining half of the grapes juice) except the chocolate powder and pour half the quantity over the 1st layer.

3rd layer: same as 1st

4th layer: same as 2nd (the remaining of the cream mix)

put in the fridge for at least 4 hours

decorate with chocolate powder before serving And Strawberry for the Top

Final Results ;D

P.s This Recipe is taking from my sweet pretty auntie 3assa allah la y7rmni mnha 7abebti ;** she makes the most delicious cakes ever and this is just one of her many many recipes 😉 And Special thanx to zayoon eli sent it to me via email very long time ago bs aked I wouldn’t delete such an important msg ;D Hope U enjoyed it Gurlz w bil 3afya 😉


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