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Diwaniyat Banat or Zawarat Banat ?! in other words ” Girls night in ” ;D

3 weeks every weekend My Friends and I Are planning this weekly weekendly Zwara or Diwaniya ;p ! Which is basically a gathering, the 6 of Us and more sometimes, we gather, we have lunch then we stay until 7 or 8 !

Activities :

Most important activity is Foooood on the corner ;p

Masra7iyat 8adeema like today we watched 3ala haman ya fir3oon and D was literally tsami3 il masra7iya ;p ! LooL funny thing was that D2 was soo excited bcoz its the first time she actually watch this play !! OMG we thought bs it was fun ;p

We play card , koot bo 4 or 6 3ala 7assab mno mowjod

we chit chatt and akeeeeeeeeeeed we Gossip !!! ;p

J was doing her project and D was helping her

R, D, Z and I were eating sweets n enjoying our m5adar chay and gahwa 3arabia ;p ! <<<– yam3at 3ayayiz ;p

and Todaaaaaaaaay D sawat lina si7r bi7r ;p ! bil janjifa which was secret reveling ;p ! fithaaaaaay7 bs SOOO MUCH FUN ;p

They Say Nothing better than a best group of friend to gather around u 😉 we share laughs n joy and much much more ! ;**


P.s Luv U my sweeeeeet cherry Pie friends waayd ;**


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  1. ou ana u dnt love me :(.. just cuz i’m not allowed to go to pplz homes 😦

  2. lone you fofff ;***


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