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Nice Weather In Kuwait means, Jogging ! ;)


Of course as the weather in Kuwait is getting Cooler, That means more out side activities !! Which i really miss during the hot summer ! So Today I decided to take my mom n Jog around the ” Freej ” ! lool wanassa awal mara ashof il houses around us that close n that clear !! yshawg il wath3 to jog around the Freej n b home by like 40 mnts ! or less whatever u like !

We jogged bs mama was very ” Sal7oooofa ” i.e slow ! w ana amshi jdaam w ehya wara ! the weather was so cool n great ! The street was quite ! And every thing was really nice ! 😉

Now I have been 7inning on my friend I wanna go jog like on the sea side ! bs m7d mlageni wayh lil2assaf !! So Friends and others who see this post its a message for u , I WANNA JOG ! if anyone go out for jogging count me in ! or if u ever wanna jog just call me ! I really would appreciate the company ;p ! sima3tow ya a9di8a2i il a3izaa2 ! I wanna jog then go eat chocolate or vise versa ;p ! whatever u wish ;p


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