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Bringing Back Memories … It’s all about Him !

Few days later I received a msg from Y with his deepest condolences and sweet words about dad. He then asked me about our contacting numbers and so I gave him my mom’s mob, mine n the home number. It was just few mnts between the msg I sent to him on Fb n whn my home’s phone started to ring, I picked it up and it was his mother, Uncle N’s wife. She was shocked of the news and she asked me in details wht happened , I tried to summaries wht has been going through in the past 3 years or less until the day he left. Her words, her voice that was caught up in sadness n somehow u can even hear her loss ! uncle N’s Family had shared alot of memories with dad and so did we.

The following day, I received a call on my mobile from an unknown number and it was finally Uncle N calling me !

He was surprised about the news, never knew my dad was getting sick ,, He asked me in details about him, when did he got sick, how and why ! his voice was shaking and he started telling me all stories about my dad , how they did they lost connection and how hard was he looking for him ! Ahh telling me all of that have brought alot of memories, not that he was even gone off my mind ! bs I know how much uncle N meant for dad and I felt sorry that after all these years, when he finally get to be in touch with him, my dad had already left !

El 7imd lilah 3la kil 7al .. Today Uncle N is been calling me over and over , every now and then , telling me about dad or just checking on me like one ! 😉

I Know I have Lost one dad, But the truth is I have gained many ! No one will surly replace him but its so nice to feel like you have someone there for u 😉 Thank You Uncle N For Coming back and be there for us ;*


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