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Breakfast at Prime & Toast !

So Yesterday before my 12:30 class We decided to hit the P&T in Al deera, The one right next to slider. The place was ,, hmmm nice but small and a bit full , I like my rest to be semi full, and to be honest we made all the crowd ;p ! we were like 8 girlz mashallah ;p w it was really fun hanging out ;D and having a nice morning breakfast with the group

So we ordered the following :

Pan Grilled Cheese with lettuce and tomato

French Toast

Hash Brown

that was my Fav , pancakes with blueberries ;D Sooo Yummy !

And here’s the Turkey Omelet

Poached Salmon For R ! 😉

And Eggs Benedict for D ! 😉

Every thing was Nice, sweet and smooth ! I loved the Experience 😉 and am welling to do it again 😉 bs hopefully at another spot I did not really liked the Place and it was really crowded n no space for a parking ! ;s


And The charge was fair



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  1. I would never like to eat too much for breakfast honey bs 3aaad sheno shwagteeni hal food 😀 bl3fyaaa darrling and thanks for sharing 😀

  2. I love this restaurant .. Alf 3afia 3alaich :*

  3. aaah i just love their ricotta pancakes, bil3afia :*


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