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Bringing Back Memories ,, It’s All About Him !

Awhile back when he was getting weaker he was trying to reach out every old friend and every old college or co-worker ! brought up his very old phone book and started to call some of them, it was a way of him saying goodbye ! He stopped at Uncle N , looking around to find his number with no success ! Days go and Days come and he told me alot about uncle N. Now I dnt quit remember him bcoz he left Kuwait after the invasion of Kuwait, and never been able to be back till today. He was one of the closest friend of dad and I remember daddy used to tell me all abt him ! all i have is a flashback of some of him pictures in my head and the stories i was told from dad. Last March before my dad get into the hospital, he told me to look again for his dearest old friend, all I know abt him is his name and his nationality ! Now with no much of an information about him how can I look for him ?! I asked dad about his kids if he had any so I can look them up in Fb and so I found Y ! I typed in his name and I had the result of 3 or 4 ppl with the same name but each with different pictures, dad was sitting right next to me and as the results were on screen daddy was like : ” y7leeeeeeeeeeeeelah Y ma t’3ayar hatha ohwa mn ohwa 9’3ayir ,, Dishy 3aleh golelah ana toona bnt ur father’s best friend ” ! lool I laughed a7is ok that’s gonna b weird to receive that kind of msg but I wrote for him on behalf of my dad, asking about his father and any contact numbers to be able to call him. Y took long before he replied and dad was getting worried ” ana adre ohwa ma rad 3ly ma yabeni a3rf inh oboh 9ar feh shy .. a5af 3mich N 9ar feh shy w 3shan chithy il 9by mo 3arf shlon yrd ,, shno biygoli ,, a5af oboh .. ” and He never completed the sentence !

A week or two later, I received a msg from Y giving me all the information we needed to contact his dad. Daddy picked up the phone and called him ! once, twice , and kept on trying with no success in reaching him, unfortunately. Later on He was hospitalized and not in a good shape to call him again but one time while I was with him in the hospital I suggested we try again, he looked at me and said ” w shno agolah ? agolah inh ana bil mostashafa mareth ?! mabeh yadri mabi 3ugb hal wagt  kila ard agolah inh ana t3ban wayd .. ” ” Bs baba 3mo N loves u , let’s try we wont lose anything ,, ” And so we did , but again with no hope in reaching him.

I did not contacted his son Y again, I got busy with dad in the hospital until the day he left , left for good. But two days ago, I saw his msg in my Fb inbox and I was wondering, Shall I tell him ? what can I say ? it was one of the hardest msgz I have ever wrote ! I kept it very formal with the least emotions possible and very straight forward. I told him to just tell his dad that my father was sick and looking for him trying to contact him with no reach and that all he wanted is to say hello, He loved him and that Uncle N was always one of his closest and dearest friends.

To be continued …


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  1. May god rest his soul in peace.

  2. oh sounds like my mom whos looking for a friend in fb, I’d like to know what’s going on next.


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