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Pretty Little Liars coming back ?!


Is the show coming back or wht ?! I miss them tara ;( mita they will release another Episode ?! y3ni mosta7eel 10 episodes w they stopped ;/ ! If any one have any idea plz lemmi knw ! When are they coming back ?!


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  1. lady r u following the blog we’ve created wella la2?! it has all the information there 😉


  2. a super great show !
    they’ll be back on January 🙂

  3. I watched 3 episodes from season one and it looks pretty interesting 😉 so count me in the followers 😉

  4. eee shsalfaaa !! 9arliii chm asabee3 o ana looking for their updates ! ha draja stopped o 5la9! tara el episode is getting more interesting than gossip girl itself

  5. ollaa only episode 10 may9eer ;;/ yalla na6reen on jan then:(


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