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A New diet is Now ON !!!

Yes Am Serious ! Am gonna b on diet from now on !! Bs khalaaaaaaaaaas lai mita y3ni w ana bs abla3  !! ;s

w mama keeps cooking good food w ana ma shi’3ili 2ila akil w ehya tstaaaanis !! ;s w agolaha bss mama Am turning into an elephant w ehya la ywagif !! ;s

So I decided to start up a new diet !!! Am not gonna eat rise wht so ever w hal 5arabee6 , No kil shwy 5obiz w sowalif chithy !

Ashwa inh im cutting off fast food for a while now wila chan 3looom !! ;s bs the problem is RESTAURANTS ! ya rabbi shasawi il banat ygolon yallah lets go w ana daggat silf ;p ! Bs no more daggat silf, Rest will only b on Weekends ! nothing during the weeks w lets call the Corn flex back in our dinning table !!! ashwa inh my breakfast today was all bran flex with banana ;D I feel healthy bs then 5arabt-ha waaaayd bil lunch ;( ! so for dinner its also Corn flex !!

My goal is to lose 2 kilos ! and keep myself of the same weight until for ever ! I dnt wanna gain weight and all I want is to eat healthy ! its not abt the weight as much as to be healthy !! I dnt want to go up the stairs and my heart starts beating ! mako layaqaa kilish ;( !!


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    • Yeees ‘6i7kaaaaay 7alat faj3a mostamiraa !! w 5alty N ma tga9ir kila tsani3 mama w y6ab5oon akil w 3yoosh w beeeeediyaaaaaaaaan 7abeb galbi ;* kil yoom shy mara fattat bediyan w mara ma2loba ;p w ana bs abla3 ! w t5aily 7ttan maki ri7t w kaleet ;p bs ashwa i fall in ❤ with the salad ;p

  1. loooool welcome to the faj3a club babes :p let’s see how u’ll control the good food cravings!!


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