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Dear Dad, (4)

Dear Dad,

I know It been a long time since I last wrote for you. No I did not forget all abt you nor did I get busy in my life, its just that I , ok am gonna b honest with you ! Be prepared !! Well daddy I love you wayd and I care about you wayd and I miss you the most bs am z3lanah 3alek ! Yes z3lanah !! Where were you the last couple months ?! why didnt you visit me ? ismi3na Uncle H, Mom, 5alty N and many many ppl have seen you in their dreams w ana la2 !! Yyy not visiting me ? Dont u miss me as much as I missed you ?

Remember whn I was too loud in the hospital and u were like Toona 5ala9 sikty ? Remember inh ana z3lt mnk that day ;p I told u WHT !! shno siktay baba am trying to make a nice conversation with u w inta tgoli siktay ?! ok ok baba am not gonna talk to u mn now lai nihayat il Sahra ;p ! Remember that ? Well do u knw wht do i recall very well ? 😉 I recall that before I leave u grabbed me, kissed me and whisper in ears ” mo tz3leen baba , I did not mean to tell u to shut up its just ur too loud and am tired , plus intay tadren , inty bil that ma a5alech t6l3en w inty z3lanah ”  Awww so cute of u ;*** 9ij inh gabil like 15 mnts of u telling me that u were like SIKTAY ! Bs afterwards I was not z3lanah not a bit ;** 7abebi ishlon az3al mnk so here I am telling you am not z3lanah mnk 9ij its just that I miss u alot n I really wanna see u ! I tried every thing I knew I could try to see you in my dream and yet you did not visit me ;( ! Well 9ara7ah I have nothing to do so I will just wait for you bs 3ad dnt take too long tra am waiting 3la naaaar ;**

Zain so lemmi tell you wht happened in the past couple weeks w wht did u miss of my life 😉 First we started skool and baba guess wht ?!! AM A SENIOR !!!!!!!!!! WOHOOOOOOOOOO a5eeran ma b’3aina ;p ! Last year at AUK ;D 9ij inh am SUPER excited bs still am scared bcoz am aware that this is the last year I could have the chance to get grades n higher up my GPA .. Classes are ok I have 2 management classes 1 accounting 1 Arabic akeed ;p 1 Art and 1 Health and fitness ! w Bs thats all for Fall w inshallah Spring will b like 17 credit w internship bil summer with uncle M n We’re Freeeee !! 😉

tadre baba, Wish u were here am missing to be spending such a great time n graduation year around u 😉 I wanna make u feel proud of me ! I want u to see how good I will turn to be just like U !

Take a special care of ur self 😉 and Say hi to grandma ;*

P.s A7bk waaayd w I miss u akthar ;**


Toona !


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