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A Day out with the Girls and Maki we hit ;) !!

On Sunday The Girls Decided to have lunch at Maki Marina, Whn I first Knew I was like nooooo fair ma7b Maki ! Yes Whn I heard Maki all that came across my mind is that am gonna eat a Raw fish ! Or something swimming is something ! I had the worst experience back in times with my cuzn, he took us to some Japanese Rest in Bahrain and I haaaaaaated it ! So since then I dnt even think of trying any of that !

However, The girls told me Laaa Toona come n we’re gonna order for u ! 6ab3an R my sweetest friend suggest the Crispy Salad and it was reaaaally good ! I loved it ! And then me and Z shared a Chicken Teppanyaki with spicy mushroom and it was really good too ! I loved my first experience there 😉 Loved the place, the view, the salad more than the main course and of course Loved my sweetest great company and friends 😉 ! a7bkom a9di8aaaaaa2ii ;**


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