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Senior Year , Super Busy one !

Ok So we kicked off Fall Semester Last week and this is the first day of second week, by now we should be settled down I guess ? !

Madreee a7s 9ayir lowya here w I have alot to be done with so much little time ! IM NOT EVEN WATCHING MY TV SHOWS !!!! its Sunday already and I have 3 new episodes of The vampire Diaries, Grey’s Anatomy and Private practice not watched yet !!! ME TOONA 3indi New episodes n I wait for three whole days to watch them !! THIS IS SO UN-USUAL and I guess this is SO senior ?! maybe ;p

Also I feel like am leaving Mom alone for a quit long period of time ! 7ram she’s waiting for me to get bk home and once I get bk of school I go change and eat then rest a bit or u see me doing some internet thingy then am off to afternoon classes again ! And whn I get bk home by 7 or 8 all I want is good food with a warm  couch then my lovely sweet Bed !!!

Never thought this semester will b this crazy ! I even had the thought of joining a gym or a health club but with my super busy schedule n unorganized life  style I really have no time for even a Pedi n Mani ! ;(

Next goal : More time management required !!! n More organizing needed !!

P.s Sorry for not posting or participating for a long time, I promise once am settled I will b back into active blogging ! 😉


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